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Knowing what you use and when, provides the reassurance that you haven’t got a leak.


Water efficiency solutions that will save your business water and save money.


Enhance your supplies with guidance on infrastructure and effluent treatment.


Has your business got a contingency plan should the mains water be unavailable?


Expert advice on water efficiency

Many properties and businesses suffer from poor water pressure and flow.

Pennon Water Services Celebrates the First Anniversary of the Open Water Market

Water retailer Pennon Water Services has won a raft of national contracts and scored impressive customer service marks in the first 12 months of competition in the non-household water market - the

Making water supplies more resilient for manufacturers

Manufacturers are being urged to review their contingency plans following water supply disruptions caused by extreme weather last week which saw Cadbury’s and Jaguar Land Rover temporarily close fa

Making agricultural water supplies more resilient

Severe weather problems last week highlighted the importance of making sure that agricultural water supplies are as resilient as possible.